The prevention or relief of poverty for the public benefit amongst people in the county of Somerset, in particular by providing furniture and other household equipment at affordable prices.
To protect and safeguard the environment for the public benefit through the promotion of the re-use of household items thereby preventing and minimising waste disposal.

Engage has a a team of Trustees of the Charity and undertake their roles on a voluntary basis.

  • The Chair of Engage is Andrew Kingston James
  • Treasurer: Julie Johnson
  • Trustee: Dr Ian Hope
  • Trustee: Dina Hodgkinson
  • Trustee: Benet Allen

Our shop manager is Nicole Hawkins, who works tirelessly on our behalf to make everything happen.

Full details can be can be found on the Charity Commission website here.

How is Engage funded?

Engage is a non-profit-making organisation, using the income from people buying from us to fund the costs of running the charity.

More information on Engage’s finances can be found in its annual accounts, which are published on the Charity Commission website.

Engage Furniture Store is a registered Charity (No. 1191991).

Gift Aid Registration number being ZD13288

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